Research Group
Professor,“Hundred Talents Program”, CAS
Tel: 021-20778200

Research Interests
We are interested in investigating the structural basis for recognition and regulation of biologically and medically important macromolecules, mainly using crystallographic techniques in combination with other biochemical and biophysical approaches. Specifically, my current interest is focused on the structural elucidation of the protein-protein interactions or protein-RNA interactions involved in epigenetic regulation of gene expression.

Selected Publications

1. Jin-Biao Ma, Ying Huang. Post-transcriptional regulation of miRNA biogenesis and functions. Frontiers in Biology. 2010, 5: 32-40. (review)
2. Ying Huang, Lijuan Ji, Qichen Huang, Dmitry G. Vassylyev, Xuemei Chen and Jin-Biao Ma. Structural insights into mechanisms of the small RNA methyltransferase HEN1. Nature. 2009, 461: 823-827.
3. Ying Huang, Jia Fang, Mark T. Bedford, Yi Zhang and Rui-Ming Xu. Recognition of histone H3 lysine-4 methylation by the double tudor domain of JMJD2A. Science. 2006, 312: 748-751.
4. Ying Huang, Michael P. Myers and Rui-Ming Xu. Crystal structure of the HP1-EMSY complex reveals an unusual mode of HP1 binding. Structure. 2006, 14: 703-712. (cover story)
5. Ying Huang, Qichen Huang, Haibao Chen, Youqi Tang, Hideo Miyake and Masami Kusunoki. Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic study of rBmKαIT1, a recombinant α-insect toxin from the scorpion Buthus martensii Karsch. Acta Crystallogr. D Biol. Crystallogr. 2003, 59: 1635-1636.

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